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save the cinema 映画リレー D05 - Youth

Day 5 of the 7-Day Film Challenge

To share our love for cinema as part of Japan's ongoing #savethecinema #映画リレー and #minitheatreaid campaign, I was challenged by my dear friend, Edmund Yeo

Each day I will nominate 3 new people to take the challenge (maybe not :P) . 7 days, 7 movies. Explanation is optional.

Today I wish to go for western type of film!

Youth (2015); Directed by Paolo Sorrentino I was already impressed by The Great Beauty when I watched it, but this caught more my attention, perhaps because of the important elements in film, The Music. The whole film end with the Featured song: Simple Song #3 , and I purposely play the song for now when I writing it. This make me released how important of every aspects for a good film. It remind me about the earlier days when I was newbie to the film industry, every departments always showed them they're the MOST important, without them the film cannot be make. I saw some department (not too good to mentioned) that they can just put down everything and walked away to show their power on the set. Well, thats the old days, and they were just unprofessional as in small amount of the whole crews.

Back to the film, as I am not reach the age of the main characters inside the film, but I can feel how them, what they worry, what they insist on, what they fight for and what they lost for. Especially for the part of Mick (Harvey Keitel) ended (the song currently playing Mike's dream), I admit that being a director's affection to the character, but I believe most people will feel the same.

For Michael Caine, at least I won't think about Alfred first. He did great for carrying on the character for me, but I wonder why those characters beside him were more attracted me. Perhaps he was that kind of character that gathered the others and make them shine? I am not sure. I just sure that I enjoy the whole film at the end still watched it for few times.

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