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save the cinema 映画リレー D07 - DISTANCE

Day 7 of the 7-Day Film Challenge LAST DAY!!!

To share our love for cinema as part of Japan's ongoing #savethecinema #映画リレー and #minitheatreaid campaign, I was challenged by my dear friend, Edmund Yeo

Finally few minutes before the last day, I have faced another difficulty of choose which film to end it. I have too many choices...... Still, have to make the last choice. I think I should end this with another Japanese film.

Distance (2001); Directed by Koreeda Hirokazu.

Not sure how should I explain it, perhaps.... 1) This film was the one that I re watch so many times when I was writing a treatment.

2) He was AFA 2017 Dean, and I am glad that I met him in person during that time, his charisma attract me lot?

3) This is a very good film, at all!

Who can make a film about cult but not typical Hollywood-style? Who can just focus on the materials that just not direct toward the main subject (In this case, the story was focused on the Perpetrator's families rather the the Perpetrator themselves or the victims)? Who can ignored the so called "film-format" and make his own and special one? I am not sure who else, maybe there are many of them around the world, but I just know about him at this moment.

There are still soooooo many good films I wish to post it, but should come to the end here. No nominate, I feel that forcing ppl do it not good, I accept it because I just too free during our MCO period, and I really wish to support the event, I wish people can watch more good but different films (especially to those who just love Hollywood and Drama, I love Hollywood as well!), I wish film & cinema still can going on after the virus. Film & Cinema not just entertainment (which I felt our ministry always takes it as ENTERTAINMENT!) , film can be more then that. For me film can be a book of knowledge to understand human and culture, film can be a self-reflection to myself how bad I am, how cheap I am or how good I am, and what am I. Cinema can be an asylum for myself, only myself (although now days many people take cinema as funfair) . At the end, who will support filmmaker likes us? No one... we just might become a Salted fish corpse that still keep dreaming. Thanks for those who really follow my post of these 7 days and read it.

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