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Short Film Golden Horse Film Academy 2018 (Team UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS)



Zhen Zhen goes from door-to-door to collect money from her neighbours after she fixes the intercom in the apartment building. Some of them happily give her the money, but some refuse to pay the amount due. Mr. Tsai is the last neighbour she calls on. No one answers the door when she presses the doorbell, but she hears a dog barking inside.

About this project


UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS (對講機)was a short film project that I co-directed with another 3 Directors from China & Taiwan during GOLDEN HORSE FILM ACADEMY (GHFA) 2018. With the supported from another fellows (Script Writer from Malaysia, 2 Director of Photography from China & Taiwan) and local production team members and instructors. Under guidance of Dean, Mr HOU Hsiao-hsien, Chief Administrator LIAO Ching-sung, Directing mentor CHIANG Hsiu-chiung (HUANG Hsin-yao for Team B).  It spent around 1 month for pre-production and 3 days principle shoots. Another long period of post-production with the support from Central Pictures Corporation and finally premiere in GOLDEN HORSE FILM FESTIVAL (2018).

The short film was adapted based on a short story, Death Certificate 《死亡證明》, by WANG Tian-kuan 王天寬 (literality).  Taiwanese actress Wen Chen-Ling (温貞菱) was assigned by the Academy as main lead actress.

GHFA 2018 Team A Fellow


Chiang Hsiu-chiung 

Script Writer            

LEONG Siew-hong (Malaysia)
Directing Part              

CHENG Thim Kian (Malaysia)

FANG Liang (China)

LIN Shih-ching (Taiwan)

SONG Li-ying (China)

Cinematography Part   

Griffith CHIN (Taiwan)

HU Chen (China)


p/s: I am glad that I did helped to designed the poster for the film & the team.

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