TK CHENG is a Malaysian Chinese descent film director, screenwriter, and producer. But he like to be called as “Filmmaker”. He started his film career around late 20’s right after he worked as video editor and 3D artist.


His completed his short film <Salary> during 2016 and won a prize on Magic bean short film competition in Malaysia. During the same year, he completed another long titled short film <Men without Women looking for BananaFish, Girl without Cat telling her Story> and competed with it at Salamindanaw Asian Film Festival. The short film also an official selection at the Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival.


In 2015, he joined Kyoto Filmmaker Lab as Production Manager. He selected as one of fellow (Directing Major) of Asian Film Academy 2016, and he won a Dongseo University Scholarship Fund. He also went back to AFA as Technical Assistant for the next two years. While in 2018, he attended Golden Horse Academy as one of the director.


Cheng also is a filmmaker who works mostly as line producer, assistant director for internationally acclaimed Malaysian directors like Edmund Yeo, Woo Ming Jin and James Lee. He involved with few projects that went to few film festivals around the world. Notably feature film <River of Exploding Durian; directed by Edmund Yeo> , <Second Life of Thief; directed by Woo Ming Jin> and <Pigeon; directed by Isao Yukisada>

As Director
<Baeu, Baeu> (2018) (Short)
- Short Film Competition - Nepal International Film Festival 2018 - Nepal
- Official Selection - Minikino Filmweek 2019 - Indonesia
<Men without Women looking for BananaFish, Girl without Cat telling her Story> (2016) (Short)
- Asian Short in Competition - SALAMINDANAW ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL 2016 - Philippines
- Official Selection - BRISBANE ASIA PACIFIC FILM FESTIVAL 2016- Australia
- Official Selection - SeaShorts Film Festival 2017 - Malaysia
<SALARY> (2016) (Short)
- Competition - Our Shorts Their Shorts (Spring) 2018 - Bangladesh
- 1st Runner Up - Magic Bean Short Film Competition 2016 - Malaysia
- Nabunturan Independent Film Exhibition 2016 - Philippines 
InDpanda International Film Festival  - 2017 - Hong Kong
<Hikikomori> (2014) (Short)
- YXINE Film Festival 2014
As Producer / Line Producer
<3 Doors Horrors> (2014) (Omnibus Short) credited as Producer
<River of Exploding Durians> (2014) (Feature Film) credited as Line Producer
<Second Life of Thieves> (2014) (Feature Film) credited as Line Producer

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