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save the cinema 映画リレー D03 - Right Now, Wrong Then

Day 3 of the 7-Day Film Challenge

To share our love for cinema as part of Japan's ongoing #savethecinema #映画リレー and #minitheatreaid campaign, I was challenged by my dear friend, Edmund Yeo

Each day I will nominate 3 new people to take the challenge (maybe not :P) . 7 days, 7 movies. Explanation is optional.

Today I will shared about a film from a country that helped my filmmaking career a lot for these years. Right Now, Wrong Then (2015) ; Directed by Hong Sangsoo If someone who watched one of my short film "Baeu, Baeu" will know why the reason I talked about this film. This film was also not the first Hong's film I watched, and neither the first Korea's film of mine (should be My Sassy Girl if not mistake). Yet I still love this film is about how the director tell the story in "what if this happened in this way" . Perhaps most of the time when I was regret on make a decision that lead things goes wrong, then I will think about "Oh, what if I choose this at the first time, then thing should be happen in this way ..." . I believe most of the people also have the same feeling, right? Well, this film gave me the most impact that we can tell story by the film in such way.

Beside that, by just used those elements that always happened in his film such as "Drinking" & "Talking" , and signature "ZOOM IN and OUT" , he already can put it into very interesting story. I can't resist to listen the conversations and want to know what going to happened. Director Hong really show that his own unique skill of story telling just by simple activities as we usually do in life, he is really a master. As for the actors, I was looking forward to Jung Jae-young (cause I love how he did in Castaway on the Moon, which also one of my favourite Korean film and inspired for another of my short film) , he did great in here and show that he can be versatile. But Kim MinHee really caught my attention from this film at first after I finished it. There are still many Korean Films really helped me on my creativity, I just posted for what I really can think of it at the day when I going to write it.

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