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save the cinema 映画リレー D02 - ChungKing Express

Day 2 of the 7-Day Film Challenge

To share our love for cinema as part of Japan's ongoing #savethecinema #映画リレー and #minitheatreaid campaign, I was challenged by my dear friend, Edmund Yeo

Each day I will nominate 3 new people to take the challenge (maybe not :P) . 7 days, 7 movies. Explanation is optional.

Well today I will introduce the film I love and it very comment among my filmmaker friends. ChungKing Express (1994): Directed by Wong Kar Wai

I believe no need to introdue this film since it too famous to everyone even I myself love it when I was young and watch it in local Television (they almost keep repeated played it each of year) although I never understand what the story about. But I only remember I love the film style and the performance of Faye WONG (I have to admitted that I love the part of her with Tony Leung only during that time).

When after I rewatch it again when I in film industry, the feeling totally different to me, and I finally can feel "the story" and understand it much more better! I become more love toward this film, and I finally like the Brigitte Lin & Takeshi part! Until now this still the most favourited Wong's film to me!

As additional information, this film elements, The Cop & Stewardess, what a man will become when he lost his love, California Dreaming etc actually inspired in my own creations, it heavily appeared in one of my short film.

p/s: When I was writing this post, just happened that my player was playing the music "Eyes on Me" by Faye Wong.

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