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save the cinema 映画リレー D01 - The Kirishima Thing

Day 1 of the 7-Day Film Challenge

To share our love for cinema as part of Japan's ongoing #savethecinema #映画リレー and #minitheatreaid campaign, I was challenged by my dear friend, Edmund Yeo

Each day I will nominate 3 new people to take the challenge (maybe not :P) . 7 days, 7 movies. Explanation is optional.

Since the campaign is ongoing in Japan, I should start with a Japanese film. I started into Japan Drama, Anime, Games, Comic, Music and into Japanese film (because of JIFF by #Japanfoundationkualalumpur )etc, Japan entertainment industry was very first foreign country's film that inspired me in the field of art for more then 14 years ago.

Here my 1st Japanese film that came into my mind when I read Edmund's Post. The Kirishima Things (2012): Directed by Daihachi Yoshida (based on same name novel by Ryo Asai ) I am so sad that actually missed to watched this film in big screen when JFKL screened it in Malaysia, and this film not the 1st film directed by Daihachi that I watched in Cinema (I enjoyed Pale Moon in Tokyo International Film Festival 2016), but yet this Japanese film has implant deep in my mind.

It was a Japanese high school drama that same comment material by many Japanese films & dramas. The unique of the story is just focus on the situation of different classes people in a high school (School is just a small version of our social, there are different classes of people as well) after their school ACE, Kirishima suddenly withdraw from the volleyball club and gone missing. And how Director Daihachi arranged and styled the plot about the fews main characters perspective about the case that happens just in few days was very new to me at that time, this inspired me a lot!

Beside the story itself already very interesting, there are many contents that attract me in this film, the affection of 8mm film camera, a high school student who love but struggling in film. the special climax scene make into nostalgia zombie film alike, Hashimoto Ai ~~~~~ all this make elements implant deep in my mind even until now.

Perhaps maybe this was a Japanese film that I watched recently and catches my eyes ( I have to admit that there are not much good Japanese films that I enjoyed these few days, sorry to say), but there are still many good films I love that I will introduce for the next 6 days!!

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