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AFA 2017

In Memory of Moon Ji Yoon 문지윤

As I resume back to write blog, I wish to started with my condolences to Mr Moon's family and fans. He was past away on 19 March 2020 due to acute septicemia (blood poisoning). He was one of the good Korean actor that acted for a short film that I involved in AFA 2017. He was very dedicated into his character and work well with the team even he need received direction from 4 directors, his opponent was Chinese speaking actress from Taiwan, but he still stay clam and perform well all the time. I still remember his wonderful smile during thetime on the set.

The BIFF always have such nice festival Kits. AFA as well, I always looking forward what kind of bad and Hoodie and T-shirt provided by them.
AFA Festival Kit!!!

I was Alumni of Asia Film Academy (2016), and I returned again to AFA on 2017 as Production Assistant for Team A, I am very lucky that I can be back to shared what I experienced and helped out the new fellows on that year. There was a funny case that this year have an engaged partners fellows in this year, but both has been separated into different team.

This year all the fellows were so great and enthusiasm, they're so dedicated into the short film productions all the time and I can feel their passion most of the time. And Team A's short film ' NO JUM SANG ' 노점상 (Street Stall) was quite interesting.


Synopsis : Munpyo (Moon Ji Yoon), a hardworking and warm-hearted young man, runs a Hotteok (Korean sweet pancakes) stall to earn money for his mother's hospital bills. One day he runs across a Chinese tourist Hongxia (EJ YEH CHEN-TING) who has lost her wallet. He offers er a piece of Hotteok for free and builds unexpected friendship with her.


Yup, as you can see there was a Chinese actress, EJ from Taiwan on it. I believe from the help of one of the Taiwan fellow RINA, the team quite easily have her into this short film. And most of the time I felt that I can help to the team as Production TA cause at least I can speak Chinese Mandarin and English (but not Korean). But what's make me tired was the whole short film have to shoot at night time, luckily we have lot Hotteok to eat!

EJ from Taiwan
With her helped the team have EJ on the project
Fellow Rina from Taiwan

You can view the short film along with TEAM B's short film (Pencil, Money, Whatever, Microphone) from AFA official website: Now let's check out some BTS photos I took during the set.

This year the AFA awards have something different then usual. They removed Dongseo Scholarship Award, added with new MPA Award, which AFA partners with the Motion Picture Association (MPA) to launch a film workshop, every fellows have to prepare a simple project and pitch for the award. There was Scholarship to two fellows for showing the best in pitching competition with opportunity to visit industry events in the United States and Australia

The first place winner will attend a 5-day Film Immersion Program in Los Angeles, USA. The second place winner will be invited to Brisbane, Australia to attend the Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA).

First Place: ZHANG Jiajun (China)

Second Place: AW See Wee (Malaysia)

Now, The DEAN, The Mentors for this year!

The Dean, KOREEDA Hirokazu !!!!
Cinematography Mentor Tooraj MANSOORI
Directing Mentor BOO Junfeng

This year Malaysia Team!! Left: AW See Wee (Director, Team B), Center: Putri Purnama Sugua ( Producer, Team B)

Last but not least, AFA & BIFF familiar faces that I met again for this year!

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